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Welcome to Jeaux on the Geaux

When you are looking for a local coffee shop to enjoy, Jeaux on the Geaux is also a good option for a relaxing and inviting environment. Our coffee is always freshly brewed and our pastries are locally sourced. Stop by for a cup of coffee and a warm smile.


The Best Coffee in the Neighborhood

Real Coffee. Real Ingredients.


Welcome to Jeaux on the Geaux

Jeaux on the Geaux is a cozy coffee shop located in Gray Louisiana. We are passionate about serving the finest coffee and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers. Our baristas are skilled in the art of coffee making and are dedicated to providing you with the perfect cup every time. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a place to relax and unwind, Jeaux on the Geaux is the perfect destination. Come and experience our delicious coffee and friendly service today!

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